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About Us

"Because every cake has a story to tell..."

Creative Director and Designer Saadia Masood, established La Ombre Creations in 2015 with a vision to design and create stylish cakes by pushing creative boundaries.  A former dress designer, Saadia is motivated by her love for design in all its forms including fashion, architecture and fine art. Saadia has a classic, feminine approach to cake design, combined with an eye for detail and on-trend aesthetics, which has led Saadia to the forefront of the wedding industry–setting the trends with flawless execution of intricate designs. Listed as one of the top five must follow cake designers in Canberra. 

La Ombre Creations(LOC) is a luxe designer cake studio located in Amaroo , Canberra. Derived from humble beginnings, LOC has grown to become a specialised business with a strong focus on designer Luxe cakes, sweets, gifts and styling for an array of special events.  Our signature butter cake flavours and buttercream, decorated sweets and individual desserts are all baked with love, created from only the finest, fresh and highest quality ingredients in our studio kitchen.  We pride ourselves on not only the beauty of each product, but also the importance of taste that will keep you coming back for more.

At LOC every cake or dessert we design is one of a kind. We believe truly artistic design comes from inspiration and a thoughtful process, which can’t be mass produced or copied.  Each cake is a reflection of our wonderful clients – each one special and unique in their own way.

Photo credit: Peta Rudd

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